03 May 2022

1- Hydroelectric Power Dam – – New advanced methods in Hydroelectric Power Plant – New calculation metode of Kaplan Turbine

The method has been tested and applicated at a river hydropower plant of great capacity with a small head and big discharge.
That method increased the power from 178 MW up to 210 MW, which means increasing production capacity.

2- Switching Reluctance Alternator With Cross-Cut Inductors

Braking torque load less by up to 50%.
Self Overload and short circuit protection (due to the geometry construction);
Self-regulation of the battery charging process by the natural characteristic of current limitation;
Low starting (cogging) torque;
Maximum reliability due to the neutral rotor magnetic switch & brushless excitation.

3 – Electro Acupuncture Device For Diabete’s Treatment

Device Management Diabetes Stimulation DMDS method is an adjuvant to standard treatment of diabetes, it helps the pancreas produce more insulin without additional treatment, and is part of the complementary medicine acupuncture approved by the WHO