08 Jun 2022

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Diabetes Device Electroacupuncture For Type 1 And Type 2

Electrical stimulation at acupuncture points (acupoints) with Diabetes stimulator is a new adjuvant treatment in complementary medicine, working on the principle of acupuncture but without needles, without pain. We guarantee results after only 5 days of treatment out of the 12 days that the complete treatment lasts for 40 minutes at your home. The dose of injectable insulin decreases, the pancreas reactivated at the cellular level producing insulin, which makes the disease stop progressing. The electropuncture provides relief from diabetes by activating the pancreas, which begins to produce its own insulin, as well as the best treatment for chronic pain and stress. During and after an electropuncture session, the patient’s sympathetic nerve fibers are activated and release endogenous opioids, such as endorphins, which help reduce inflammation. The electropuncture device also helps to prevent pain by activating bioactive chemicals and reducing pain sensitivity.In addition, during treatment with the electropuncture, your body releases mesenchymal stem cells into the bloodstream, which form different types of tissue. This means that they also have a great healing power. the skin, very weak electrical stimuli, below a certain threshold, of the order of millivolts, also called subliminal stimuli, so that the patient can move during the exposure. The appearance of the stimulus determines a local depolarization of the membrane, which leads to the opening of sodium channels (electrically controlled) and, consequently, to the penetration of Na ions into the cell, in the direction of the electrochemical gradient. positive charges, the membrane depolarizes more. K ion flux and active transport introduce a negative reaction, tending to restore balance. Due to this difference in currents, as long as the Diabetes Stimulator is connected to the human body, an electric current will be continuously generated which will connect through the conductive elements between the stimulator and the human body. acupuncture in the human body, forcing it for the duration of the coupling to benefit from these values. Repeating this phenomenon daily means that after a certain number of cycles day and night, the diseased pancreas changes its function and achieves a so-called „energy balance” with sufficient insulin production to metabolize glucose from the bloodstream if experience is used. In conclusion, insulin-dependent diabetes may benefit from electro-acupuncture treatment in the therapy of diabetes that partially reactivates the pancreas to produce its own insulin by reducing the dose of injectable insulin and ensuring that the disease does not progress to more severe forms. Proper treatment will cause the pancreas to release more insulin.




Date: 6/8/2022