01 May 2023

Quantum Revolution Device – Molecular Chemistry – Electro acupuncture is the new form of energetic rebalancing of the human body. Bioenergetics Device – Revolutionary Therapy – Diabetes Holistic Medicine- Electropuncture,Electro acupuncture Therapy Device – is the new form of energetic rebalancing of the human body.

The sign of Qi- There are 12 meridian points on our body and they act as a network of channels to transport Qi (Vital Energy) that connects to different types of organs, such as the stomach, spleen, lungs, large intestine and small intestine. The function of each organ can be influenced by its meridian points, as they receive Qi through specific electropuncture points. When one of the meridians in the body is blocked or unbalanced, the disease or pain can be stimulated by electropuncture or electroacupuncture to return to normal.

Bioenergetics  Device Electropuncture – Revolutionary Therapy

Quantum Revolution Device – Molecular Chemistry- Holistic medicine is a way of a epproaching the problem of health and disease that is completely different from the classical one. It has been applied since the time of Hippocrates, but over the centuries it has entered a cone of shadow and only in the last decades has it been rediscovered, nowadays being increasingly appreciated, both by doctors and patients , due to its results.
In the holistic conception, man is seen as a whole, as an indivisible whole. The human being is not just the sum of its organs, but is an integrated system, a set of elements that constantly interact with each other, while the whole system interacts with the environment. The interaction of the system components results in properties that cannot be manifested by the parts taken separately. Holistic treatment methods are addressed to the patient and not to the disease, taking care of his body, mind and soul at the same time, in accordance with the laws of nature.

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Quantum Revolution Device – Molecular Chemistry – Bioenergetics  Device – Revolutionary Therapy. There are many ways to prevent diseases: correct thinking, balanced diet, physical exercise, orderly life, etc. They are excellent methods of maintaining health, but insufficient when it comes to rebalancing the body after the onset of the disease. For this, more energetic actions are needed, to address the vital force, to strengthen it, to help bring the organism to a state of health as close to normal as possible. This can be achieved through natural, energetic, informational methods, without the toxicity and side effects of the chemical drugs used by classical medicine.
Some of the most used holistic methods are: acupuncture, electro acupuncture, electropuncture, acupressure, reflexology, phytotherapy, melotherapy, chromotherapy, sacrotherapy, etc… Homeopathy is one of the most important holistic methods of restoring health. It is a systematized method of energetic stimulation of the body’s vital force with the aim of treating the disease.
Electro acupuncture or Electropuncture is the new form of energetic rebalancing of the human body, which transmits natural frequencies unaltered by radio, TV, telephone, 5-6 G etc. to the energetic meridians of the human body for energetic balancing, bringing the human body to an energetic state healthy.


With a correct application on the acupuncture meridians corresponding to the diseases, the device has positive results through energy balancing on the human body in the following directions:

1-Treat severe back pain, arthritis, osteoporosis, herniated disc or other spine problems.
2-Blood purification and elimination of toxins
3-Cellular oxygenation and improved blood circulation.
4-Accelerate metabolism by increasing cellular activity, increasing immunity and the body’s ability to defend against infection and healing. Muscle toning ………….
5-Increasing cellular activity, strengthening immunity and increasing the body’s ability to heal.
6-Reduction of edema, elimination of pain, strengthening of the osteo-articular system and muscles. Effect of strengthening the osteo-articular system and muscles.
7-Regulation of the central nervous system, improvement of sleep quality. Activating the central nervous system and improving the quality of sleep by purifying the meridians energetically and fluidizing the blood.
8-Lymphatic drainage effect, regulation of the internal secretion system, body shaping and beauty.
9-Strong effect of reducing and releasing stress and emotional purification
10-Deep cellular detoxification, restoration of damaged capillaries and improvement of peripheral blood circulation.
11-Effect of cell microvibration and strengthening the energy of the kidneys by increasing the vital force of the body – Qi energy

APPARATUS made in SMD robotic technology with high-performance processor and exceptional software program, registered and protected at ORDA, invention registered at OSIM and protected by registered trademark INVENTATORI.RO. Revolutionary Therapy – Diploma of Excellence and Gold Medal

Electro-stimulation with forests and connecting cables to the device – Physiotherapist who applies electrostimulation in physiotherapy to a young woman:


Product Description

New Electropuncture Device Treatment for Diabetes Mellitus:

After only 4 days of treatment of 45 minutes a day by applying electrodes to specific acupuncture points, the excited pancreas starts to work by releasing insulin, the dose of injectable insulin decreases by about 30%-50%, this makes the disease not advance to more serious forms in all directions.

Note: the complete treatment is 45 minutes per day in which the software program runs the diabetes-specific frequencies for 12 days. It is used to treat ailments accompanied by chronic or severe pain, reduces stress and tension.

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NOTE 1 “Acupuncture is an ancient therapeutic modality in Chinese medicine, which aims to prevent and treat pathologies. The World Health Organization (Ordinance No. 971 of 2016) recognizes that Acupuncture / Electropuncture works effectively in diseases such as diabetes 2 (DMT2) and encouraged this complementary therapy.”

Unfortunately, very few people are aware of the benefits of Electrotherapy / Electrostimulation in the pathology of diabetes.

Bio-Energy Therapeutic Apparatus combines traditional Chinese medicine techniques with the achievements of modern science in bioinformatics, bioenergy and neurology.

The bioenergetic device is a safe and non-drug treatment method used in complementary medicine and can be used with conductors and connecting cables.

NOTE 2-The device has passed the technical tests according to European norms, at the European Institute authorized for this type of medical devices as well as the tests made at the manufacturer specialized in the production of electronic medical devices. Medical Devices and is certified for ISO 13485;2016 of the Medical Devices Quality Management System !

NOTE 3 – It is NOT a MUSCLE ELECTROSTIMULATION DEVICE is used only for therapeutic treatments applied on acupuncture meridians, the MAXIMUM voltage does not exceed 4 volts being a very safe device that runs a software program for command and control of output signals.

NOTE 4 – People with cardiac pacemakers or stents in the heart, thrombosis (blood clots in the vessels in the arms or legs and pregnant women cannot do the bio-energetic massage. It is also not recommended for people with cancer).

It is NOT a product made in the PRC-China and resold on the market. !

APPARATUS made in SMD robotic technology with high-performance processor and exceptional software program, registered and protected at ORDA, invention registered at OSIM and protected by registered trademark INVENTATORI.RO. Revolutionary Therapy – Diploma of Excellence and Gold

Be informed and take care of your health!

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