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Quantum Device – Disease is Energetic Imbalance -Periodontitis Gingivitis – Quantum Electrotherapy Device– Qi-Integrative Quantum Medicin-Electrotherapy


Periodontitis Gingivitis – Quantum Electrotherapy Device – Periodontitis/periodontitis/Gingivitis treatment, without needles, without pain, at the patient’s home. Quantum Medicine is part of Modern Integrative Medicine,the medicine of the future.

Quantum Medicine Device – Disease is Energetic Imbalance

What is gum disease?
Also called periodontitis or periodontal disease, gum disease is a serious (but unfortunately common) infection of the gums.
It is caused by plaque full of bacteria that sticks and forms around the gum line.
Gum disease is the main cause of tooth loss in adults.

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Electrotherapy Device – Periodontitis Gingivitis Treatment – Dental Treatment at home Periodontitis Gingivitis for dental implant

Periodontitis Gingivitis Treatment Electropuncture

Gum Disease and Dental Implants: What You Need to Know, Considering Dental Implants After Periodontal Disease

-Treat Periodontitis/Periodontitis/Gingivitis at Home – Electrotherapy Device – Periodontitis Gingivitis Electropuncture Treatment
– ​​Electrotherapy/ Electropuncture/Acupuncture Reduce Periodontitis Bone Loss.

Periodontal therapy at home.

Do the treatment at home quietly, watching a film, the treatment lasts 45 minutes. Then you restart it for another session.
You have to be patient to do two sessions in the morning and in the evening, two more sessions in the evening to start the accelerated treatment,
and you will see the results yourself, be patient, the device works with a processor and a nationally and internationally protected software program.
The gums will regain their healthy pink color and the teeth will begin to settle in the sockets.

Even if you are doing bone insertion for some implants, the treatment is necessary before and after the implant is made to fix well.

Integrative Quantum Medicine Qi-Electrotherapy – Electrotherapy – home, applications, types, forms, benefits and effects

Quantum Medicine, an important part of Integrative Medicine, currently proposes various non-invasive diagnostic methods which,

together with biochemical or imaging analyses, they can complete the understanding of the functionality of the human body through the multiple information recorded and interpreted.

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Qi-Integrative Quantum Medicine-Physiotherapy-Electrotherapy

Qi Integrative Quantum Medicine-Physiotherapy-Electrotherapy – Energy Electrotherapy Devices-Qi Rebalancing-Holistic Medicine

Qi is the basic principle in traditional Chinese medicine and martial arts within the sphere of influence of Chinese culture,

it is a vital energy whose flow must be balanced to maintain health.

Physiotherapy Devices – Pain Treatment – Qi Electrotherapy – Rapid pain relief in a natural way, without drugs.

Pain is an indication that shows us the state of health of our body.

There are 12 meridian points on our body and they act as a network of channels to transport Qi (Vital Energy) that connects to different types of organs, such as the stomach, spleen, lungs, large intestine and small intestine. The function of each organ can be influenced by its meridian points, as they receive Qi through specific electropuncture points. When one of the meridians in the body is blocked or unbalanced, the disease or pain can be stimulated by electropuncture or electroacupuncture to return to normal.

Electrotherapy – applications, types, forms, benefits and effects.

Energetic Electrotherapies-Qi Rebalancing-Holistic Medicine

Qi Sign in Chinese Medicine:

Qi is the basic principle in traditional Chinese medicine and martial arts within the sphere of influence of Chinese culture.

Qi  is a vital energy whose flow must be balanced to maintain health.

Treat periodontitis at home – Electrotherapy device – Periodontitis Gingivitis Electropuncture treatment – ​​Electropuncture Reduces periodontitis Loss can be stimulated by bone electropuncture.
The use of Electrotherapy in the treatment of periodontitis also consists in the biostimulation of the gum, the reduction of inflammation and bleeding, and the restoration of the pink color specific to healthy tissue.
Schedule Periodontitis is the inflammation of the periodontium, the tissue that supports and fixes the teeth in the jawbone, it represents the inflammation of the periodontium – the periodontal ligament, the gum, the cementum and the alveolar bone.

Inflammation and infection appear at the level of the gums, in advanced cases even pus pockets, which destroy the soft tissue and affect the bone structure,
so that the teeth begin to move and fall out. Periodontitis is also called the disease of beautiful teeth precisely because its initial symptoms are not obvious.
The first alarm signal that draws attention to periodontitis is gingivitis.

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Holistic Medicine – Qi Vibrational Electrotherapy Device –

Symbols of Qi (Chi) vector illustration.  Japanese illustration - 19157425

Holistic Medicine – Qi Vibrational Electrotherapy Device-QUANTUM ENERGY MEDICINE -Qi VIBRATIONAL

Holistic Medicine – Electrotherapy device – Electropuncture – Energetic rebalancing of the body – Qi energy

1-Treat severe back pain, arthritis, osteoporosis, herniated disc or other spine problems.
2-Blood purification and elimination of toxins
3-Cellular oxygenation and improved blood circulation.
4-Accelerates metabolism by increasing cellular activity, increasing immunity and the body’s ability to defend itself against infections and to heal. Muscle toning ………….
5-Increasing cellular activity, strengthening immunity and increasing the body’s healing capacity.
6-Reducing edema, eliminating pain, strengthening the osteo-articular system and muscles. Strengthening effect of the osteo-articular system and muscles.
7-Regulating the central nervous system, improving the quality of sleep. Activating the central nervous system and improving the quality of sleep by energetically purifying the meridians and fluidizing the blood.
8-Lymphatic drainage effect, regulation of the internal secretion system, body shaping and beauty.
9-Strong stress reduction and release effect and emotional purification
10-Deep cellular detoxification, restoration of damaged capillaries and improvement of peripheral blood circulation.
11-The effect of cellular microvibration and the strengthening of kidney energy by increasing the body’s vital force – Qi energy

THE DEVICE made in SMD robotic technology with a high-performance processor and exceptional software program, registered and protected at ORDA, invention registered at OSIM and protected by the INVENTATORI.RO trademark. Revolutionary Therapy – Diploma of Excellence and Gold Medal

Integrative Quantum Medicine Qi-Physiotherapy-Electrotherapy – Electrotherapy – home, applications, types, forms, benefits and effects

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TREAT TYPE 2 INSULIN-DEPENDENT DIABETES – treatment for diabetes is carried out according to the USER MANUAL by applying self-adhesive electrodes to the points

of acupuncture corresponding to the pancreas. The treatment is done at the patient’s home without stress, watching the selected TV show, a movie or reading a book in an armchair. 

Diabetes TYPE 2 IN

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Integrative Quantum Medicine Qi-Physiotherapy-Electrotherapy – Electrotherapy – home, applications, types, forms, benefits and effects

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Product Description

DIABETES – New electropuncture device treatment for insulin-dependent type 2 diabetes:

After only 4 days of treatment for 45 minutes a day by applying electrodes to certain acupuncture points, the excited pancreas starts to work by releasing insulin, the dose of injectable insulin decreases by about 30%-50%, this makes the disease does not progress to more serious forms in all directions.

Note: The full treatment is 45 minutes per day where the software program runs the diabetes specific frequencies for 12 days. It is used to treat conditions accompanied by chronic or severe pain, reduces stress and tension.

NOTE 1 – “Acupuncture is an ancient therapeutic modality in Chinese medicine, which aims to prevent and treat pathologies. The World Health Organization (Ordinance No. 971 of 2016) recognizes that Acupuncture/Electropuncture works effectively in diseases such as type 2 diabetes (T2DM) and has encouraged this complementary therapy.”

Unfortunately, very few people are aware of the benefits of Electrotherapy/Electrostimulation in the pathology of diabetes.

Bio-Energy Therapeutic Apparatus combines the techniques of traditional Chinese medicine with the achievements of modern science in bioinformatics, bioenergy and neurology.

The bioenergetic device is a safe and non-drug treatment method used in complementary medicine and can be used with connecting conductors and cables.

NOTE 2-The device has passed the technical tests according to European standards, at the European Institute authorized for this type of medical devices, as well as the tests performed at the manufacturer specialized in the production of electronic medical devices. Medical Devices and is certified for ISO 13485;2016 Medical Devices Quality Management System!

NOTE 3 – It is NOT a MUSCLE ELECTRICAL STIMULATION DEVICE, it is used only for therapeutic treatments applied on the acupuncture meridians, the MAXIMUM voltage does not exceed 4 volts, being a very safe device that runs a software program to command and control the output signals.

NOTE 4 – People with pacemakers or stents in the heart, thrombosis (blood clots in the vessels of the arms or legs and pregnant women cannot do the bioenergetic massage. It is also not recommended for people with cancer).

It is NOT a product made in PRC-China and resold in the market. !

THE DEVICE made in SMD robotic technology with a high-performance processor and exceptional software program, registered and protected at ORDA, invention registered at OSIM and protected by the INVENTATORI.RO trademark. Breakthrough Therapy – Diploma of Excellence and Gold

Be informed and take care of your health! Call with confidence on holistic medicine, the new treatments with electrotherapy through electropuncture,

an “acupuncture” without needles, without pain!


Integrative Quantum Medicine Qi-Physiotherapy-Electrotherapy – Electrotherapy – home, applications, types, forms, benefits and effects

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“Mr. Iordan STAVAR is a great entrepreneur dedicated to improving the health of people suffering from pathologies such as diabetes. His inventions definitely contribute in many ways to the health of many people as he always seeks to solve the difficulties of others and continues to do his daily research with the most inventive creative academic methods until what started as a simple idea becomes a reality.

He is a good listener and despite the language barrier, he says well what is important to dialogue with any entrepreneur who wants to bring new inventive ideas to our fast changing world where we have a lot of competition and challenges.

ASA + ARC and I have recently proudly signed a joint venture and we are proud to appoint Mr. Iordan STAVAR as our (agent – ​​partner) and Director for Romania, as well as other geographical areas; to work together in lowering diabetes by helping patients with the diabetes monitor he developed and also different ways of health, humanitarian, development and in which he is best; being the inventor and developing creative independence with proper patent protection etc…

My highest and best recommendation for Iordan STAVAR to anyone who wants to contact him. because he is a very good person with great skills and high moral ethics. “

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The President / CEO IORDAN STAVAR of the Worldwide Independent Inventors Association, Washington DC, USA and the Association of Independent Inventors AII award a diploma for “Excellence in the dissemination of the culture of invention and innovation” to Mr. Alireza RASTEGAR – President IFIA – International Federation of Inventors Association



             IFIA AWARDS ISIF’16, ISTANBUL – International Inventions Fair – ISIF ’16 – 03-06 March 2016:

ISIF’16 – Istanbul Turkey – 03-06 2016:

President / CEO JORDAN STAVAR of Worldwide Independent Inventors Association, Washington DC, USA & Association of Independent Inventors AII

– Romania gives a Diploma for “Excellence in disseminating the culture of invention and innovation”

– Mr. Alireza RASTEGAR – President of IFIA – International Federation of Inventors Association Published 12 March. 2016 – www.ifia.com


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“A man’s worth is to be seen in what he gives and not in what he is able to receive.” – Albert Einstein
“We are like falling stars, we shine for a few seconds and disappear into nothingness, in the cosmic fall” – Iordan Stavar.

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