26 Jun 2023

Medical Device-Quantum Technology | The Future Is Quantum

Qi Energy-Electrotherapy Device – Electropuncture – Energetic rebalancing of the body

Medical Device-Quantum Technology | The Future Is Quantum

The disease is an energy imbalance – Qi Electrotherapy Device for Rebalancing Human Body.

He mentions that Electrotherapy/Electropuncture is part of the medicine of the future because in traditional acupuncture the signals are now distorted by 5G-6G frequencies, TV media, radio, telephone, etc.

Electrotherapy of Diabetes does not cure, but it reactivates the pancreas at the cellular level to produce its own insulin and thus the dose of injected insulin is reduced and the disease does not evolve into more serious forms. The treatment by Electrotherapy/Electropuncture of periodontitis does not exclude the already known treatments, it is only an adjutant that is used in support of dental surgery in that it helps the gums to return to normal and thereby fix the teeth and the implantology technique being an important support in pre-surgical treatments and post surgery.

The Qi Sign: Medical Device-Quantum Technology | The Future Is Quantum

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Medical Device-Quantum Technology | The Future Is Quantume – Qi Energy-Electrotherapy device – Electropuncture – Energetic rebalancing of the body –

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1-Treat severe back pain, arthritis, osteoporosis, herniated disc or other spine problems.
2-Blood purification and elimination of toxins
3-Cellular oxygenation and improved blood circulation.
4-Accelerates metabolism by increasing cellular activity, increasing immunity and the body’s ability to defend itself against infections and to heal. Muscle toning ………….
5-Increasing cellular activity, strengthening immunity and increasing the body’s healing capacity.
6-Reducing edema, eliminating pain, strengthening the osteo-articular system and muscles. Strengthening effect of the osteo-articular system and muscles.
7-Regulating the central nervous system, improving the quality of sleep. Activating the central nervous system and improving the quality of sleep by energetically purifying the meridians and fluidizing the blood.
8-Lymphatic drainage effect, regulation of the internal secretion system, body shaping and beauty.
9-Strong stress reduction and release effect and emotional purification
10-Deep cellular detoxification, restoration of damaged capillaries and improvement of peripheral blood circulation.
11-The effect of cellular microvibration and the strengthening of kidney energy by increasing the body’s vital force – Qi energy

12 – Electrotherapy Device – Bioenergetic Electropuncture on Diabetes

After only 4 days of treatment for 45 minutes a day by applying electrodes to certain acupuncture points, the excited pancreas starts to work by releasing insulin, the dose of injectable insulin decreases by about 30%-50%, this makes the disease does not progress to more serious forms in all directions.

Note: The full treatment is 45 minutes per day where the software program runs the diabetes specific frequencies for 12 days. It is used to treat conditions accompanied by chronic or severe pain, reduces stress and tension.

NOTE 1 – “Acupuncture is an ancient therapeutic modality in Chinese medicine, which aims to prevent and treat pathologies. The World Health Organization (Ordinance No. 971 of 2016) recognizes that Acupuncture/Electropuncture works effectively in diseases such as type 2 diabetes (T2DM) and has encouraged this complementary therapy.”

Unfortunately, very few people are aware of the benefits of Electrotherapy/Electrostimulation in the pathology of diabetes.

Bio-Energy Therapeutic Apparatus combines the techniques of traditional Chinese medicine with the achievements of modern science in bioinformatics, bioenergy and neurology.

The bioenergetic device is a safe and non-drug treatment method used in complementary medicine and can be used with connecting conductors and cables.

NOTE 2-The device has passed the technical tests according to European standards, at the European Institute authorized for this type of medical devices, as well as the tests performed at the manufacturer specialized in the production of electronic medical devices. Medical Devices and is certified for ISO 13485;2016 Medical Devices Quality Management System!

NOTE 3 – It is NOT a MUSCLE ELECTRICAL STIMULATION DEVICE, it is used only for therapeutic treatments applied on the acupuncture meridians, the MAXIMUM voltage does not exceed 4 volts, being a very safe device that runs a software program to command and control the output signals.

NOTE 4 – People with pacemakers or stents in the heart, thrombosis (blood clots in the vessels of the arms or legs and pregnant women cannot do the bioenergetic massage. It is also not recommended for people with cancer).

It is NOT a product made in PRC-China and resold in the market. !

THE DEVICE made in SMD robotic technology with a high-performance processor and exceptional software program, registered and protected at ORDA, invention registered at OSIM and protected by the INVENTATORI.RO trademark. Breakthrough Therapy – Diploma of Excellence and Gold

Be informed and take care of your health! Call with confidence on holistic medicine, the new treatments with electrotherapy through electropuncture,

an “acupuncture” without needles, without pain!

14 – Periodontosis Gingivitis Electropuncture Treatment

Electrotherapy Device – Periodontitis Gingivitis Treatment-Home Dental Treat Periodontitis Gingivitis for dental implant –

Gum Disease & Dental Implants: What You Need to Know,Dental Implant Consideration After Periodontal Disease -Treat Periodontitis At Home – Device Electrotherapy – Periodontosis Gingivitis Electropuncture Treatment – Acupuncture Reduces Periodontitis Bone Loss .

– What is periodontitis? What is gum disease?

-Periodontosis or periodontal disease is a chronic inflammation of the gums and bleeding that, if left untreated, leads to tooth loss.

This disease is manifested by:
• gingival bleeding during brushing

• sensitivity to cold
• periodontal pockets
• unpleasant taste and smell of the oral cavity
• the appearance of gingival retraction as well as tooth mobility

The use of the Electrotherapy/Electropuncture Device in the treatment of periodontitis consists in the biostimulation of the gum, the reduction of inflammation,
bleeding and the restoration of the pink color specific to healthy tissue.
It stimulates the natural healing process of the gums and eliminates the occurrence of subsequent infections, being a non-invasive procedure recommended
in Quantica dentistry belonging to the field of Integrative Medicine, the medicine of the future.
The risk of subsequent infections is eliminated, being a non-surgical procedure that is performed before and after surgical treatment
or dental implants in order to bring the test to normality and the success of the dental implants.

The device is part of complementary medicine that does not replace specialized treatments,
it helps the patient to stabilize and normalize the dental envelope, fix the dental device in the dental socket
and restore the normal, healthy pink color of the gums after surgery.


Periodontitis Gingivitis – Quantum Electrotherapy Device – Periodontitis/periodontitis/Gingivitis treatment,
without needles, without pain, at the patient’s home. Quantum Medicine is part of Modern Integrative Medicine,
the medicine of the future.


ONLINE STORE: https://worldwideinvention.com/product/diabetes-device-electrotherapy-home-treatment/

Electrotherapy Device – Periodontitis Gingivitis Treatment – Dental Treatment at home Periodontitis Gingivitis for dental implant

Periodontitis Gingivitis Treatment Electropuncture

Worldwide Independent Inventors Association – Washington D.C.,USA

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