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Multi-function Electrical Stimulation Device

#2023 Multi-function Electrical Stimulation Device
Home Health & beauty Best TENS machine 2023: The best nerve stimulator machines to ease sciatica, labour and muscle pain.Medical Device-Quantum Technology | The Future Is Quantume – Qi Energy-Electrotherapy device – Electropuncture – Energetic rebalancing of the body –
1-Treat severe back pain, arthritis, osteoporosis, herniated disc or other spine problems.
2-Blood purification and elimination of toxins
3-Cellular oxygenation and improved blood circulation.
4-Accelerates metabolism by increasing cellular activity, increasing immunity and the body’s ability to defend itself against infections and to heal. Muscle toning ………….
5-Increasing cellular activity, strengthening immunity and increasing the body’s healing capacity.
6-Reducing edema, eliminating pain, strengthening the osteo-articular system and muscles. Strengthening effect of the osteo-articular system and muscles.
7-Regulating the central nervous system, improving the quality of sleep. Activating the central nervous system and improving the quality of sleep by energetically purifying the meridians and fluidizing the blood.
8-Lymphatic drainage effect, regulation of the internal secretion system, body shaping and beauty.
9-Strong stress reduction and release effect and emotional purification
10-Deep cellular detoxification, restoration of damaged capillaries and improvement of peripheral blood circulation.
11-The effect of cellular microvibration and the strengthening of kidney energy by increasing the body’s vital force – Qi energy12 – Electrotherapy Device – Bioenergetic Electropuncture on Diabetes

After only 4 days of treatment for 45 minutes a day by applying electrodes to certain acupuncture points, the excited pancreas starts to work by releasing insulin, the dose of injectable insulin decreases by about 30%-50%, this makes the disease does not progress to more serious forms in all directions.

Note: The full treatment is 45 minutes per day where the software program runs the diabetes specific frequencies for 12 days. It is used to treat conditions accompanied by chronic or severe pain, reduces stress and tension.

NOTE 1 – “Acupuncture is an ancient therapeutic modality in Chinese medicine, which aims to prevent and treat pathologies. The World Health Organization (Ordinance No. 971 of 2016) recognizes that Acupuncture/Electropuncture works effectively in diseases such as type  diabetes and has encouraged this complementary therapy.”

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