05 Mar 2023
Holistic Medicine-Amygdalin-Vitamin B17 is recommended in blood pressure, boosting immunity and during cancer treatment. In respiratory conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, chronic cough or stomach conditions or pain caused by arthritis vitamin B17 can have amazing health benefits.
Specialists in natural medicine, have used amygdalin/laetrile especially in the treatment of cancer. Later, other scientists confirmed from vitamin B17, because in the presence of the enzyme beta glucosidase or through hydrolysis, vitamin B17 breaks down into hydrocyanic acid, benzaldehyde and glucose, which seems to help people who are facing oncological conditions.

Holistic Medicine - Vitamin B17 Amygdalin - Cancer - The principles of holistic 
Cancer is, without a doubt, the disease of the 21st century, affecting millions of people worldwide. However, patients diagnosed with this relentless disease have a chance at the best possible life, after years of research, scientists have developed VITA B17 forte, a supplement based on apricot kernels and Kombucha, which is a significant source. of vitamin B17.

Vitamin B17 is a food supplement that has enjoyed amazing success in recent years, they are able to help restore diseased tissue and help with infections with resistant bacteria, as well as being an excellent tonic for the internal organs as well as the liver and heart. .

Holistic medicine is a way of approaching the problem of health and disease that is completely different from the classical one. It has been applied since the time of Hippocrates, but over the centuries it has entered a cone of shadow and only in the last decades has it been rediscovered, nowadays being increasingly appreciated, both by doctors and patients , due to its results.

Some of the most used holistic methods are: acupuncture, electro acupuncture, electropuncture, acupressure, reflexology, phytotherapy, melotherapy, chromotherapy, sacrotherapy, etc… Homeopathy is one of the most important holistic methods of restoring health. It is a systematized method of energetic stimulation of the body’s vital force with the aim of treating the disease.

Apricot kernels are, without a doubt, an excellent source of cellulose and pectin, so they can also be used in constipation to help the optimal functioning of the intestinal transit. Also, the iron found in the composition of apricot kernels has the role of creating the production of hemoglobin and helping the transport of oxygen to diseased cells.

In oncological diseases, vitamin B17 is a reliable ally, it also helps to combat the harmful effects of stress and the busy daily schedule, it is effective in maintaining the health of the digestive system, but also of blood vessels and muscle tone.

The amazing properties of apricot kernels have been confirmed over time by the longevity of the Hunza tribes of the Himalayas, who are heavy consumers of apricot kernels. No cases of cancer have been found among the people there, a fact for which we recommend vitamin B17 to specialize.