26 Apr 2022

The human body is one of the most complicated systems. We are often unaware of what we are capable of. The power of the word and the thought is accompanied by an incredible healing energy, and it seems useless to treat a disease without healing yourself spiritually.
To trigger the body’s healing powers, you need to raise your inner energy level. Then you will be able to face the disease and regain your health.
We have gathered some recommendations that will teach you to value life, to be healthy, happy and calm.

Here’s how to heal yourself:

  1. Drink 500 ml of pure water 3 times a day. And as you do that, he says, “I’m healthy and I’ll heal!”
  2. Find time for self-massage. Only 10-15 minutes a day will give you the energy you need. Rub dry skin, especially on the head, neck, chest and soles.
  3. Get used to falling asleep at 22:00 and waking up at sunrise.
  4. Pay more attention to breathing. She must be free, uniform and calm, with the feeling of inner joy. Try to make the expiration 2-3 times longer than the inspiration.
  5. Try to forget about your health problems. Don’t think or talk about them.
  6. Spend as much time in nature as possible, sit on the grass, look at the sky and admire the clouds.
  7. Listen to rhythmic music during the day and relaxing music in the evening. Dance, sing, enjoy the moment!
  8. Eat often and little by little, 5-6 times a day. Opt for homemade food: porridge, salads. Forget about tea, coffee and alcohol.
  9. Harden the body! Start pouring cold water first on your feet, then over your knees and so on until you get to pour water on your head.
  10. Do sports! You don’t have to go to the gym. Home gymnastics is just as good: run on the spot, do squats, push-ups, lift weights.
  11. Starve once a week. Do not eat anything for a day and tell yourself “I will be healthier in exchange for this day of fasting”.
  12. Have quiet, heartfelt discussions with your loved ones, you will be charged with positive energy.

13.For the sake of exaggeration: inspired by us, they have a good time and we have a good time. In this regard, it is said that “I am happy”, after that, inspired by us and the date or time.

14.This is what you want to do with the alarm of your body, which means you can take care of your eyes.
15. 5-minute agreement between the bands. Ia the position of the commodity and the spine of all this: “How many things are made and everything is good!”
16. Imagination is the way it is and how well it is and how fast it is. For example, imagination and the fact that it has become more or less in the same place as the preferred person.

The most important point! Seek the Lord’s help. Pray, go to church and ask for healing.