08 Jun 2022

PATENT & TECHNOLOGY STORE 2022- – Sell New Technology 2022, looking for broker and angel investors interested in buying new technologies, patent, in green energy and complementary medicine. STORE OF INVENTIONS & TECHNOLOGIES FOR SALE : https://worldwideinvention.com/store/  Diabetes Device Electroacupuncture For Type 1 And Type 2 Electrical stimulation at acupuncture points (acupoints) with Diabetes stimulator is […]

06 Jun 2022

Magnetic Sensors Corporation – CEO Charles Boudakian & WIIA CEO Iordan Stavar Meeting at Magnetic Sensors Corporation, Los Angeles, USA – CEO Charles Boudakian ( inventor ) & WIIA PRESIDENT and CEO Iordan Stavar ( inventor ). STORE OF INVENTIONS & TECHNOLOGIES FOR SALE : https://worldwideinvention.com/store/ https://worldwideinvention.com/product/electro-acupuncture-device-for-diabetes-treatment/ Magnetic Sensors Corporation – Los Angeles, California,USA – PRESIDENT […]

19 May 2022

STORE OF TECHNOLOGIES: https://worldwideinvention.com/store/ WIIA seling patents, software technologies,software programs, prototypes and device, great new technologies 2022! We looking for a good business partnership 2022! WIIA & AII technologies have diplomas of excellence and gold medals at international exhibitions organized by IFIA, the International Federation of Inventors’ associations – Geneva Posted on May,19,2022

11 Mar 2022

Home Treatment with Electro Acupuncture Device For Diabete’s Treatment Acupuncture is an ancient therapeutic modality in Chinese medicine, which aims to prevent and treat pathologies. The World Health Organization (Ordinance No. 971 of 2016) recognizes that acupuncture works effectively in pathologies such as diabetes mellitus 2 (DMT2) and has been encouraging this complementary therapy. STORE OF […]

03 Mar 2022

-Revolutionary Therapy – Electrostimulating Device – Gold Medal-Bioenergetic devices are based in quantum physics and energy fields-Self-Therapy and Bio Energetic Therapeutic Body Massage-Home Treatment with Electro Acupuncture Device For Diabete’s Treatment Acupuncture is an ancient therapeutic modality in Chinese medicine, which aims to prevent and treat pathologies. The World Health Organization (Ordinance No. 971 of […]

03 Sep 2017

                http://www.magsensors.com/applications.phpMagnetic Sensors Corporation was incorporated in August 1983 after acquisition of Sensor Systems, Inc., a company in the Philadelphia, PA area that was making variable reluctance speed sensors for computer peripheral applications. MSC has transformed its marketing base so that computer peripheral applications are no longer the dominant […]

03 Sep 2017

Fifth Fajr International Inventions and Innovation Exhibition (Finex 2013) aims at commercializing innovations and providing an academic and scientific chance of interaction and communication for inventors and technologists from across the world. Through out this festival, attempts will be made to pave the way for commercialization and investment in order to enable the inventors could  […]

03 Sep 2017

              Jubilee edition of the International Salon of Research, Innovation andinventions PRO INVENT 2012, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 27 to 30 March 2012, which took place at Expo Complex Transylvania in Cluj – Napoca.   Worldwide Independent Inventors Association – Excellence Diploma and Gold Medal for Invention Group: ANTI – DIABETES STIMULATOR &  ELECTRICGENERATOR WITH SWITCH RELUCTANCE Worldwide Independent Inventors Association – Excellence Diploma and Gold Medal for Invention Group: ANTI – DIABETES STIMULATOR &  ELECTRIC GENERATOR WITH SWITCH RELUCTANCE ELECTRIC GENERATOR WITH SWITCH RELUCTANCE  -YOU TUBE PRESENTATION: Prezentare YOU TUBE : http://youtu.be/9b5vB7Yg00g ANTI DIABET STIMULATOR: PRESENTATION: Diabetic stimulator is an […]

03 Sep 2017

              ALEA 2012, Alba Iulia – Local Salon of Inventions with Renewable Energy,  Worldwide Independent Inventors Association and Independent Inventors Association of Romania – Europa ( Asociatia Inventatorilor Independenti ) Preparations in the Mall stands assigned to this event. Independent Inventors Association of Romania, represented by inventor Stavar Iordan and Tudor – Frunza Florin – Eugen exhibited one of his PROJECT at this event on renewable energy: Electric Generator with Switch Reluctance Source: […]