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Jubilee edition of the International Salon of Research, Innovation andinventions PRO INVENT 2012, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 27 to 30 March 2012, which took place at Expo Complex Transylvania in Cluj – Napoca.


Worldwide Independent Inventors Association – Excellence Diploma and Gold Medal for Invention GroupANTI  DIABETES STIMULATOR &  ELECTRICGENERATOR WITH SWITCH RELUCTANCE

Worldwide Independent Inventors Association – Excellence Diploma and Gold Medal for Invention Group: ANTI – DIABETES STIMULATOR &  ELECTRIC GENERATOR WITH SWITCH RELUCTANCE


Prezentare YOU TUBE : http://youtu.be/9b5vB7Yg00g


Diabetic stimulator is an electronic device that works on the principle of acupuncture. Basically the device is a mini-generator of low value and low amplitude electromagnetic signals called subliminal anti-diabetes signals.

Artificial signals with precise values are transmitted via acupuncture points through conductors and electrodes in direct contact with skin. Thus, very weak electrical stimuli, set below a certain threshold of just a few milivolts, get to pass along the energy axis of the body, close to cell membranes of the patients pancreas, through acupuncture points. This signals are stimulating the pancreas to produce enough insulin to metabolize blood sugar.

At rest, the pancreas cell membrane is less permeable to Na ions maintained in high concentration outside and permeable to K + ions that are leaving the cell passively. Stimulus appearance causes a local depolarization of the membrane, leading to the opening of sodium channels (electrical control) and, consequently, the penetration of Na ions in the cell in the sense of the electro-chemical gradient. As a result of the influx of positive charges the pancreas membrane depolarizes more. Active transport and  flow of K + ions introduce a negative reaction, tending to restore equilibrium. Because of this difference in currents, as long as the stimulator is on, a continuous electrical current is born in the human body which will connect via conductive elements between ANTI – DIABETES STIMULATOR and body.

The device currents have depolarizing values that are transmitted from the acupuncture points in the body, forcing it to benefit from these values for as long as the coupling lasts. Daily repetition of this process does so that after a certain number of day-night cycles, the sick pancreas alters its function and achieves a so-called “energy balance” to produce enough insulin to metabolize blood sugar.

After tests conducted on patients with type 1 and 2 diabetes, medical experts said that following treatment with  ADS have been obtained “the most effective results in the last 5 years in improving patients symptoms”.

ADS stimulation method is an adjuvant to standard treatment of diabetes, it helps the pancreas to produce more insulin without additional treatment.
ADS treatment performed correctly makes the pancreas to release more insulin, improves blood sugar and glycosylated hemoglobin, helping to decrease the dose of medication the patient takes during treatment and causes diabetes not to move to advanced forms of the disease.

Worldwide Independent Inventors Association (WIIA) Team that worked on this project:

1. Iordan Stavar – independent inventor, CEO and Founder of WIIA
2010 -11 Medals at the International Exhibition of Inventions, Scientific Research and New Technologies, organized by ANCS and TIB INVENTIKA ROMANIA;
2010 – Bronze medal at the International Salon of Innovations and Investments in Moscow;
2012 – Gold Medal and Diploma of Excellence at the International Salon of Research, Innovation and Inventions PRO INVENT, Cluj-Napoca – Romania, 27 to 30 March 2012 – Group of inventions: ANTI DIABETES STIMULATOR
2013 –
International Medal and AWARD CERTIFICATE – FINEX 2013 – Tehran, Iran, organized by IFIA – Geneva – President of IFIA – Dr.Andreas Vedres & Alireza Rastegar Head of International Section for invention ANTI DIABETES STIMULATOR

  1. PhD Eng. John MICU – Independent Inventor, “Father” of BIO-PUNCTURE (acupuncture without needles)
    1991 – PhD in Alternative Medicine – Malaga, Spain
    1994 – Gold Medals in Iasi and Brussels for the invention of the Bio-stimulation Method.
    1995 – Doctor Honoris Causa for Alternative Medicine at The Open International University – Munich, Germany
    1996 – Gold Medal at Brussels for the Asynchronous Electric Motor (which refers to the principle of operation of UFO).
    1996 – Gold Medal at Iasi for the Electrostatic Method of Balancing the Human Body.
    1996 – Gold Medal at Iasi to Antistress EMF Generator mounted on airplanes.
    1996 – Silver medal in Brussels Antistress Electromagnetic Field Generator mounted on cars.
    1996 – Silver Medal at Brussels for the Electrostatic Biostimulator.
    1996 – Silver Medal in Brussels for Human Radar.

Books published:

1. THE HUMAN GENOME IN ALTERNATIVE AND THE HUMAN GENETICS BEING IN BIO-PUNCTURE – The method of balancing the human body electrostatic (The World Congress of the three Millennium for Alternative Medicine – Felix – March 2001) – PhD Eng HC Ioan Micu; Prof. Univ. PhD Vasile Marcu, biologist Ana Maria Micu, Physical Therapist Mirela Dan

2. BIO-PUNCTURE – PhD Eng. Ioan Micu
3. The biblical evolutionism and BIO- PUNCTURE – PhD Ioan Micu, biologist PhD Ana Maria Micu

E-mail: contact@inventatori.ro; contact@worldwideinvention.com

Olivia Petre si Stavar  IORDAN – Worldwide Independent Inventors Association – ( WIIA ) – Office Romania – E-mail: contact@inventatori.ro

Inventors Justin Capra and iordan Stavar, former colleagues at the Institute ofResearch  for Electrical Industry – ICPE – Bucharest, talking with great interestabout new prototypes under stand the WIIA, Stimulator Anti – Diabetes andElectric generator with Switched Reluctance and about new inventivetechnologies and trends worldwide.

Talking to stand on the results obtained with the prototype Switch Reluctance ELECTRIC GENERATOR

Worldwide Independent Inventors Association and  Independent Inventors Association ( Romania )

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