31 aug. 2017










The invention is designed for removal and minimum invasive remediation of negative effects generated by skin aging, respectively the development of wrinkles. The invention refers to a medical / cosmetic portable device with an efficient and fast anti-wrinkle action within user’s reach.

Considering this method, the Anti-wrinkle Device has the following advantages:
–    Stimulating endogenous synthesis of elastin and collagen;
–    Toning subcutaneous muscle;
–    Activating lymphatic microcirculation;
–    Use of device is almost painless;
–    Can be easily used by domestic user;
–    Can be used daily, at home, at night;
–    Does not need qualified medical personnel;
–    Decreases the costs for “anti-wrinkle” services;
–    Decreases the costs allotted to “anti-wrinkle” services;
–    Increases the quality of life of persons using it;
–    Does not need specialized training;
–    Can be applied in only a few seconds;
–    Applying a face cream before applying the device amplifies the effect of the cream
–    It can be used by all persons, regardless of sex.
It is known that men rarely resort to cosmetic services although they would use a device which could help them diminish wrinkles.


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