03 aug. 2019

New Automotive Alternator 2019 – Swot Analysis

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New Automotive Alternator 2019 – Swot Analysis

SERTM with permanent neodymium magnets-excitation

1 – Braking torque load less by up to 50%.
.2 – Self Overload and short circuit protection (due to the geometry construction);
3 – Self-regulation of the batteries charging process by the naturalcharacteristic of current limitation;
4- low starting (cogging) torque;
5- maximum reliability due to the neutral rotor magnetic switch & brushless excitation.

All these features recommend SRTM for following industrial domains applications:

– REGENERATIVE ENERGY SYSTEMS in the „backup” applications with the buffer accumulator battery for:

– Wind turbines with vertical or horizontal axle or hydro-turbine

– Stationary or mobile GENERATOR GROUP for increase the autonomy and reduce the fuel consumption:

–  High-performance Welding generators sets for stationary or mobile applications

– automotive transport systems industry

– Alternators for auto-motors & for hybride electric cars for increase the autonomy and reduce the fuel consumption:

– railway

  • Alternators for LIGHTING WAGONS for increase the reliability and reduce the fuel consumption;

– aerospace, defence and naval;

– Alternators for „on board” generators

General Guidelines

Company/Research Institute/Researcher’s name:


 Legal representative: IORDAN STAVAR – PRESIDENT

 Executive Summary

 The project consists of:

 First phase (one year)

1 – The realization of two new functional prototypes of Electric Generators in the new Switced Reluctant Technology developed with excellent results by the members of the Association of Independent Inventors (AII), for 5KVA and 15KVA power, using lighter materials and an improved design to obtain an increase in the already achieved electrical performance and an improvement in the reliability in operation;

2 – Implementation of new functional prototypes in the structure of two smart mobile electric power sourceassemblies equipped with efficient and silent power motors intended for power supply by inverter technology for:

– mobile media platforms;

– crash situations;

– isolated locations without electricity distribution network;

3- Making demonstration events with electro-powered demonstration with the new technology.

4 – Applied research in order to identify other innovative solutions in green energy


President/CEO of WIIA – Washington D.C., USA
President of the Association of Independent Inventors of Romania ( AII ),
and observer in the legislative committees on behalf of the Civil Society.
AII- Romania is Member of IFIA
www.worldwideinvention.com; www.inventatori.ro; www.ifia.com

E-mail: contact@inventatori.ro; wiiainvents@gmail.com

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