01 aug. 2017

Alternative Energy and Technology Exhibition
1,2,3,4 OCTOBER 2009
Bucharest, Romania

The idea appeared as a reaction to the exhaustion  of traditional energy sources and all the secondary effects generated by the actual power generation industry: environment degradation, accidental deversation of oil  products and other harmful chemical substances, output  in atmosphere and water of noxious products.

T.E.T.A. is an event for all persons, committed for implementation of energy obtained from renewable sources into every day life and facilitate the access to modern eco-technology.


•    Turning T.E.T.A. into a tradition in Romania;

•    Promoting the most important producers, suppliers, investors, and benefactors of alternative energy and technology;

•    Display of the newest products and technology in the field;

•    To offer top consultancy services: legal, financial, customized in energy obtained from renewable sources;

•    Education of young generation for the purpose of protecting the environment and green energy utilization.

Must Participate ?

T.E.T.A. project is conceived as the meeting point for all the producers, suppliers, investors and beneficiaries in the green energy field.

On the background of high green energy potential both wind and solar, the development in this direction is promising and the last official regulation regarding the renewable energy boost up green energy projects no matter their capacity.

Here, you have the chance to meet face to face with hundreds of visitors, all potential clients, eager of information and education. Everybody wants to know the benefits of using green energy.

Here and now you have the opportunity to find new business partners, and to show to the public how important is green energy implementation in every day life.

Advantage of participation

•     Gaining a developing market with a huge potential;

•     Gaining new clients and partners;

•     Developing the existing image;

•     Get in touch with current legislation;

•     Getting familiar with new and innovative technology;

•     Discovery of complementary fields;

•     Advisory services companies know-how in green energy field;

•     Opportunity to deliver a conference, seminaries and presentation of products and services;

Education – The future is built TODAY

Education is made at any age.

If an adolescent will understand today the advantage of using green energy after 5 years that person will install and use solar panels or a wind mill and it will educate his children in the spirit of environment protection and green energy usage.

If 50 years ago “somebody” took attitude against environment over exploitations, today we would not feel the harmful effects of pollution. This is the reason why we need to look to our future on the long term and to take attitude informing ourselves at Alternative Energy and Technology Exhibition – T.E.T.A.


•     Advisor services: Legal / Financial / Case Study;
•     Work-shops on legal themes;
•     Legal situation presentation: present and future;
•     Legal situation presentation: soon to come;
•     Romanian energy policy presentation;
•     Products and services presentation;
•     Opportunity to deliver conferences, seminaries on free themes;
•     Real time product demonstration of operating and usage;
•     Business meetings/visits with potential partners;
•     Direct sales of products and services;