01 oct. 2017


Worldwide Independent Inventors Association – W.I.I.A. –  Washington D.C. USA





 The specific activity of inventics requires a creative effort that require inventors which, besides logistic support activities (market research, editing, filing of patent applications, etc.) longer need and to have access to finance for materializing the inventions / prototypes through partnerships with private investors or companies in the whole range of different fields.



Association of Independent Inventors – ( AII ) represent Romania as full member of International Federation of Inventors Association – IFIA – Geneva where has signed an STRATEGIC partnership with Worldwide Independent Inventors Association – WIIA from Washington D.C.,USA. 

We mention that, at IFIA exist 72 affiliated member countries that are represented by a single association as full member, Romania being represented by the Association of Independent Inventors – ( AII ), since 2015. (Anexa 1 sheets 1 , 2) 

It is widely known and recognized worldwide that, almost all major technologies and inventions were and is, still performed by the  independent inventors who, by technologies developed and materialized through performance prototypes have brought great benefits to the budget of countries, that have enabled both benefits in financial of tens of billions $ as well as by creating of jobs and developing the economy of some highly developed countries as USA, Germany, France, Switzerland, etc. 

Brief history:

 Together with a group of independent inventors, in 2007 we began work on the field of innovation and applied research and realization of functional prototypes.

Later we recorded and obtained National Brand logo and the banner „INVENTATORI.RO” at the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks (O.S.I.M.) starting from 10.11.2009;

( Anexa 2, sheets 1, 2, 3) 

Association of Independent Inventors – ( AII ) was registered as a legal entity of private law organized patrimonial purpose in accordance with the Ordinance no. 26 of 30.01.2000 (amended) on 12.05.2012.

We started construction, editing and promoting the following media platforms that are made to the innovative domain, by the inventors private funds to help all the inventors and those who have ideas, inventions and patents to be purchased and converted those interested in business like:

– www.inventatori.ro, which contains more than 1,700 articles

( Anexa 3 sheets 1, 2)

– www.worldwideinvention.com –  English

( Anexa 4 sheets 1, 2)

 These media platforms in Romanian and English that promotes innovative activity in Romania at national and international level requires development costs, maintenance and editing high at about 2,000 EUR per year.

At this point in the innovatively media platforms mentioned above are on the front pages and sites from searches on major search engines, Google and Yahoo keywords, inventors, inventions, patents, consulting drafting inventions, inventors associations, etc.

We started as a group of independent inventors collaborating on the development of premium projects that have materialized through the registration of inventions OSIM and functional prototyping.


Anti Diabetes Stimulator – ADS;

Specific Acupuncture Points Frequency Generator;

Electrical Generator with Interactive Inductors;

Electric Generator with Polyphasic Double Switched Reluctance;

Electric generator with piezoelectric materials;

The Antistres Clock;

Transylvania Natural Energizing;

Sonic Gasifier Derived from the Fuel Oil;

Antistress Field Electromagnetic Amplifier;

Cigarette Aeration device;

Hydrodynamic Transmission System;

Electropunctor for Acupuncture Points;

Machine with Turbocharger Device  for Formula 1 racing cars;

Device for Administration of Saline Ions;

Golden Soled Shoes ;

Mobile Ecological Barbecue Grill, etc.

And more ……secret inventions in applied research….with very good results….:)

With these first achievements have participated in national and international exhibitions, where we got thumbs up from judges evidenced by numerous Awards of Excellence and Gold Medals, Silver and Bronze.

Prototypes attended between 27 to 30 March 2012 at the X – the jubilee edition of the International Exhibition of Research, Innovation and Inventics „PRO INVENT” which took place at the Complex „Expo – Transilvania” in Cluj – Napoca, Romania, where he received The Excellence Award and the Gold Medal for „group of inventions”.

Association of Independent Inventors – ( AII ) –  was invited to participate with portfolio of inventions and prototypes at the Romanian stand at the Salon in 2013 FINEX 2013 organized by the I.F.I.A. (International Federation of Inventors Association) – Geneva.

Association A.I.I. –  honored the invitation and informed the Romanian Foreign Ministry and His Excellency Cristian Teodorescu, Romanian Ambassador in Tehran attended the official opening of the stand that represented Romania at the official dinner and Association delegation with A.I.I. led by Mr. President IORDAN STAVAR.

Association of Independent Inventors – ( AII ) – is Represent Romania to the International Federation of Inventors Association – IFIA based in Geneva Switzerland, and has signed a partnership and support bilateral technical and scientific on the promotion of inventors and inventions Romanian international markets inventors with Worldwide Independent Inventors Association – WIIA – Washington DC, USA. 

This strategic agreement of collaboration and development agreement between AII from Romania and WIIA from the USA will facilitate and promote Romanian inventors and inventions in the markets of USA, Europe, and ASIA. We want to emphasize that, there are two big international „giants” on the innovatively , UIA USA which completely covered throughout the USA and find IFIA where 72 associations from 72 countries, including Romania – represented by the Association of Independent Inventors from Romania.

In the month of December 2016, Mr. IORDAN STAVAR, because of the greate activity in internationally inventions was proposed by Mr Deb Hess, Director of Operations and Treasurer of The United Inventors Association of America – UIA, USA to be part of the committee Director of UIA – Washington DC USA., see e-mail attach. Anexa 14, (sheets 1,2,3)  

The experience and knowledge gained in previous years of activity and good relations and collaborations with new partners, leading inventors, have allowed us to approach two big projects of activity, Complementary Medicine and Energy: 

1 – On the domain of Complementary Medicine: 

The project of „ANTI DIABETES stimulator” (ADS) –  was materialized by writing and recording with the same title at O.S.I.M. and at U.S.P.T.O. – U.S.A. and by the realization of two functional prototypes involving the internationally recognized elite inventors, authors of books specialized in the medical field, and specialists in electronics and IT. ( Anexa 5 – sheets 1, 2, 3 )

Also, it was elaborated and completed the User Manual „ANTI DIABETES STIMULATOR” and complete dossier (about 300 pages) was submitted to the Ministry of Health-OTDM.

( Anexa 6  -sheets 1,2,3,4).

Upon completion of prototypes made from scratch series SC ELPROF S.A.  were sent for the technical tests at I.C.P.E. – Testing laboratory for the certification of electrical products, where they drafted two reports of attempts, one of 16 pages and one with 6 pages.

The two prototypes „ANTI DIABETES STIMULATOR” (ADS) have successfully passed all tests and were framed in accordance with SR EN 60601-1-2: 2007 Chapter 6.  (Anexa 7,sheets 1, 2)

Technological Invention of Anti Diabetes Stimulator device was designed to help those over 1,200,000 patients registered in Romania at the Ministry of Health with this pathology, being a public utility.

ADS-stimulation method is a classic adjuvant in the treatment of diabetes, this helping the pancreas to produce more insulin without another kind of additional treatment.

Treatment with ADS done correctly, makes the pancreas to release more insulin, improves blood glucose and glycosylated hemoglobin, helping the patient to lower doses of drugs during treatment and cause diabetes not to evolve into advanced forms of the disease.

This project, valued at approximately $ 4 million, if realized in the USA due to the complexity and level of top medical field, was stopped for lack of funds to pay the OTDM-approval services Ministry of Health. 

At this Project, the Team Inventors – members of Association of Independent Inventors – AII was composed of the following professionals experts: 

1 – Project manager :IORDAN STAVAR – INVENTOR – Anti Diabetes Stimulator – ADS;……………


Making series „zero” of the Anti Diabetes Stimulator (ADS) has been materialized through a Partnership Contract with SC. ELPROF SA. (Romanian company specialized in producing medical equipment and devices and military equipment).

The technically zero lot series has been tested and Certified by SC. ELPROF SA and the two prototypes have been also tested by the independent ICPE – through Testing Laboratory for Electrical Products Certification – ICPE – Research Institute for Electrical Industry. 

2 – On the domain of ELECTRIC POWER 

The Project  „ Switched reluctance electric GENERATOR „ (GRLC)

– was materialized by writing and recording with the same title Invention at O.S.I.Mand U.S.P.T.O. – U.S.Aand achieving three functional prototypes up to 1.5kW; 5kW and 1.8kW which was involving the following AII inventors members: (Anexa 8 sheets 1, 2, 3 )

– Project Manager and Inventor – IORDAN STAVAR;

– Technical Manager at AII Technical Dept. and Inventor – Eng. Tudor-Frunza Florin-Eugen;

GRLC functional prototyping has been materialized through a Partnership Contract with

  1. UMEB S.A . (Romanian company specialized in producing electric motors and generators).(Anexa 9 sheets 1 – 6)

Also attending the UMEB‘s execution to achieve technological projects:

– Eng. Elena Garbacea;

– Dr. Eng. Epurean Catalina;

– The technical team of the platform tests probes from S.C.UMEB S.A.

The prototypes of Switched Reluctance Electric Generators were functional tested on the homology platform of the SC. UMEB SA. (Anexa 10  sheets 1,2,3,4 ) 

After functiona testing performed, were recorded following conclusions:

Due to structural characteristics achieves a conversion efficiency greater than one mechanical energy into electricity Since there utilizes a magnetic circuit neutral switch between inductors (magnetic power generators) and induced by the magnetic flux path commutation

The stator without moving them relative to one another; the following advantages resulting from the analysis of the tests performed:

  1. – Reduced torque (cogging) starting (breaking) to values below 0.5 Nm which means that basically can generate power at the weakest breeze (below 2 m / s); 

b.- electric power generated increases exponentially with speed, electrical power generated report increasing FEATURES / gauge; 

c.- drive torque (resistant) Shaft has a Gaussian evolution in relation to increasing electrical load and is lower for the same electrical power cut, compared with

other synchronous generators excited by permanent magnets; In short and naked shows minimum values; 

d.- generator protects itself from overload and short elastic due to current characteristic;

– Battery charging batteries from RENEWABLE autonomous systems in any configuration voltages (up to 90% of U0) without additional devices to limit and adapt;

– Wind turbines with horizontal or vertical or Hydraulic – no need to use reducers or multipliers revs;

– Sets technology „Digital Inverter” stationary or mobile; 

This project has been stopped in an advanced stage of development because of  lack of investors for budget needs  

  1. 3. Project of „promotion of the Great Romanian Inventors”

Association of Independent Inventors – ( AII ) –  initiated and launched the Project of Promoting of the Great Romanian Inventors informed about this – the Municipality of Bucharest, Timisoara City Hall, Government General Secretariat, Presidency of Romania.

Anexa 11 – correspondence with the mentioned institutions, sheets 1 – 28 ).

The project is ongoing, is particularly appreciated for its importance and attention are the institutions mentioned above. 

 This intergrated private project has two components: 

  1. – HUMAN RESOURCES – implementation in educational institutions about the history of Romanian inventions through a first pilot phase which is developed in a partnership between two associations nongovernmental AII – BUCHAREST and KINDERLAND of CLUJ NAPOCA (Anexa 12, sheets 1 – 5 ).

This project can be implemented in schools preschool and school will help train children as future explorers and researchers in various fields. 

            B – INFRASTRUCTURE – in partnership with local governments from cities representative of the country, starting with Bucharest for the location of the great statues

Romanian inventors who have contributed to the welfare of humankind and are proud to Romania. 

Association of Independent Inventors – AII aims at:

– Protecting the rights of inventors and intellectual property rights;

– Contribute to increasing the quality level of cognitive and intellectual potential of citizens;

– Developing and publishing books, periodicals, brochures, posters, brochures;

– Contribute to the implementation, execution and coordination of various projects at local or national level in order to develop potential social, economic and human Romania.

– To collaborate with the specialized committees of Parliament and the Government to adopt legislative measures necessary for the development of innovation and inventions in Romania.

– Continuation of current activities presented above 1,2,3 projects;

– Registration of new technologies,

– Prototyping professional

– Producing and marketing their national and international markets leading to the creation of new jobs in all industries, production, sales and marketing;

– Monetization of existing technology portfolio of nationally and internationally in cooperation with our foreign partners.

– Conducting educational programs nationwide to explain more fully launch and development of innovative processes by implementing the new strategies that apply internationally

– Participation in partnerships to develop various innovative projects by creating new technology.

– Continuation of Romania’s representation at exhibitions and fairs internationally in collaboration with IFIA (International Federation of Association of Inventors headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland) and with our partner Worldwide Independent Inventors Association – WIIA – Washington DC, USA, in by invitation received and that we attach to this report.

(Anexa 13, sheets 1 – 13). 

” We are like shooting stars, shine a few seconds and disappears into nothingness cosmic fall, sometimes this happens useful to you, Man ” – Iordan Stavar. 

This Report contains 7 pages with 14 appendices containing 80 pages. 

President/CEO of WIIA – Washington D.C., USA
President of the Association of Independent Inventors of Romania ( AII ), and
observer in the legislative committees on behalf of the Civil Society.
AII represent Romania at IFIA – www.ifia.com



– Certificat de inregistrare a marcii „INVENTATORI.RO” Nr.106957 , acordat in temeiul Legii nr. 84/1998;

Membrii AII sunt inventatori de top, multiplu medaliați la expoziții internaționale de invenții, cu multe rezultate din cercetarea aplicată și realizarea de prototipuri eficiente la nivel național și internațional.

AII a reușit să alcătuiască o puternica echipa de inventatori de elită care au format o structură de lucru cu solide cunostinte tehnice de specialitate în inventica, cercetare sau producție de prototipuri și consultanță.

Deasemenea membrii Asociatiei Inventatorilor Independenti sunt angrenati in doua mari proiecte private de cercetare aplicata respectiv:

– in domeniul medical – Anti Diabet Stimulator, prototipuri realizate in seria zero in parteneriat cu SC. ELPROF S.A. cu Specificatia Tehnica S.T.Nr. 1/2012 si testate si omologate tehnic la OICPE cu nr. …….si inregistrate la Oficiul de Stat pentru Inventii si Marci – OSIM, WIPO – PCT si USPTO – USA;

– in domeniul electrotehnic, Generator Electric cu Reluctanta Comutata avand dezvoltate prototipuri functionale realizate si testate tehnic in parteneriat cu SC. UMEB S.A. si inregistrate la Oficiul de Stat pentru Inventii si Marci – OSIM, WIPO – PCT si USPTO – USA.;

Pentru inventiile inregistrate la OSIM, A.I.I. detine in portofoliu urmatoarele diplome si medalii:

-„Membership Certificate” – IFIA (International Federation of Inventors Associations) din 16 April. 2015;

-„AWARD CERTIFICAT” – FINEX-2013 (International Inventions and Inovations Exhibition) pentru prototipul ANTI DIABET STIMULARTOR – inventatori STAVAR IORDAN si Dr. Ing. HC. MICU IOAN;

In anul 2013 Asociatia Inventatorilor Independenti a fost special invitata de catre IFIA prin Dr. Andreas Vedres – Presedinte, si Alireza Rastegar IFIA Head of International Section la Teheran – Iran sa reprezinte Romania .

Mentionam ca, am anuntat Ministerul de Externe al Romaniei de prezenta si reprezentarea Romaniei la acest important eveniment, ocazie cu care am fost onorati de prezenta Excelentei Sale Cristian Teodorescu, Ambasadorul Romaniei la Teheran – Iran, alaturi de Consilierul ambasadei, unde cu aceasta ocazie am primit felicitari pentru organizarea celui mai frumos stand expozitional dintre 35 de tari participate.

Mentionam ca bannerul noastru cu Anti Diabet Stimulator si Generatorul Electric cu Reluctanta Comutata a fost prezent in salonul Special Prezidential asa cum reiese si din poza postata la „Despre noi” de pe platforma media INVENTATORI.RO.

– „Diploma de Excelenta” si medalia de aur la SALONUL INTERNATIONAL DE INVENTICA – „PROINVENT” din Cluj-Napoca pentru GRUP de INVENTII – acordat de Presedintele Salonului – Prof. Dr. Ing. RADU MUNTEANU, Rectorul Universitatii Tehnice din Cluj-Napoca.- „Diploma de Excelenta” acordata de ASOCIATIA ROMANA DE FRANCIZA pentru GENERATOR ELECTRIC CU RELUCTANTA COMUTATA – de Presedinte ARF ANTON CONSTANTIN.

– Medalia de Argint – pentru GENERATOR ELECTRIC CU RELUCTANTA COMUTATA la Expozitia internationala de inventii, cercetare stiintifica si tehnologii noi -INVENTICA- 6-9 Octombrie 2010 – Bucuresti;

– Medalia de Argint – pentru DISPOZITIV RETRACTABIL la Expozitia internationala de inventii, cercetare stiintifica si tehnologii noi -INVENTICA- 6-9 Octombrie 2010 – Bucuresti;

–  Medalia de Argint – pentru BAC PENTRU BATERII DE ACUMULATOARE AUTO la Expozitia internationala de inventii, cercetare stiintifica si tehnologii noi -INVENTICA- 6-9 Octombrie 2010 – Bucuresti;

– Medalia de Bronz – pentru SISTEM DE TRANSMISIE HIDRODINAMIC la Expozitia internationala de inventii, cercetare stiintifica si tehnologii noi -INVENTICA- 6-9 Octombrie 2010 – Bucuresti;

– Medalia de Bronz – pentru AMPLIFICATOR DE CAMP ELECTROMAGNETIC ANTISTRES la Expozitia internationala de inventii, cercetare stiintifica si tehnologii noi -INVENTICA- 6-9 Octombrie 2010 – Bucuresti;

– Medalia de Bronz – pentru DISPOZITIV PENTRU ADMINISTRAREA IONILOR SALINI la Expozitia internationala de inventii, cercetare stiintifica si tehnologii noi -INVENTICA- 6-9 Octombrie 2010 – Bucuresti;

– Medalia de Bronz – pentru TOBOGAN CU ROLE la Expozitia internationala de inventii, cercetare stiintifica si tehnologii noi -INVENTICA- 6-9 Octombrie 2010 – Bucuresti;

– Medalia de Bronz – pentru BOMBOANA CU POLEN MIERE SI ECHINACEEA la Expozitia internationala de inventii, cercetare stiintifica si tehnologii noi -INVENTICA- 6-9 Octombrie 2010 – Bucuresti;

– Medalia de Bronz – pentru CUREA DETASABILA la Expozitia internationala de inventii, cercetare stiintifica si tehnologii noi -INVENTICA- 6-9 Octombrie 2010 – Bucuresti;

– Medalia de Bronz – pentru DISPOZITIV DE AERARE A TIGARILOR la Expozitia internationala de inventii, cercetare stiintifica si tehnologii noi -INVENTICA- 6-9 Octombrie 2010 – Bucuresti;

– Medalia de Bronz – pentru PANTOFUL CU TALPA DE AUR la Expozitia internationala de inventii, cercetare stiintifica si tehnologii noi -INVENTICA- 6-9 Octombrie 2010 – Bucuresti;

Activitatea specifica inventicii presupune un efort creativ ce solicita inventatorii care, pe langa activitati auxiliare logistice (cercetare de piata, redactare, inregistrare Cereri de Brevete, etc.) mai au nevoie sa aiba acces si la resurse financiare pentru materializarea inventiilor/prototipurilor prin parteneriate cu investitori privati sau companii din intreaga paleta a diferitelor domenii de activitate.

Asociatia Inventatorilor  Independenti – ( AII ) reprezinta Romania ca membru plin al International Federation of Inventors Association – IFIA – Geneva si a semnat un parteneriat STRATEGIC cu Worldwide Independent Inventors Association – WIIA din Washington D.C.,USA.

Mentionam ca la IFIA sunt afiliate 72 de tari membre reprezentate printr-o singura asociatie ca membru plin, Romania fiind reprezentata de Asociatia Inventatorilor  Independenti – ( AII ), incepand cu anul 2015. (Anexa 1 filele 1 , 2)

Este unanim cunoscut si recunoascut la nivel international faptul ca aproape toate marile tehnologii si inventii au fost si sunt realizate de catre inventatorii independenti care, prin tehnologiile dezvoltate si materializate prin prototipuri performante, au adus mari beneficii la bugetul tarilor in care au activat, atat beneficii financiare de ordinul zecilor de miliarde USD cat si prin crearea de locuri de munca si dezvoltarea economiei unor tari foarte dezvoltate ca USA, Germania, Franta,Elvetia, etc.

Scurt istoric:

Impreuna cu un grup de inventatori independenti,  in anul 2007 am inceput activitatea pe domeniul inovatiei si cercetarii aplicate si realizarii de prototipuri functionale.

Ulterior am  inregistrat si obtinut Marca Nationala sigla si banner-ul „INVENTATORI.RO” la Oficiul de Stat pentru Inventii si Marci (O.S.I.M.) cu incepere de la 10.11.2009; ( Anexa 2 filele 1, 2, 3)

Asociatia Inventatorilor  Independenti – ( AII )   a fost inregistrata ca persoana juridica de drept privat cu scop nepatrimonial organizata in conformitate cu prevederile Ordonantei nr. 26 din 30/01/2000 ( modificata si completata) la data de 05.12.2012.

Am inceput constructia, editarea si promovarea urmatoarelor platformelor media pe domeniul inovativ care sunt realizate din fonduri private ale inventatorilor, pentru a veni in ajutorul inventatorilor si celor care au idei, inventii si brevete pentru a fi cumparate de cei interesati si transformate in afaceri:

– www.inventatori.ro, ce contine peste 1700 de articole avind un Page Rank 4; ( Anexa 3 filele 1, 2)

– www.worldwideinvention.com pe international in limba engleza, avand un Page Rank 3;

( Anexa 4 filele 1, 2)

– www.ipglobalinventions.com pe international in limba engleza in constructie.

Aceste platforme media in limba romana si engleza care promoveaza activitatea inovativa privata din Romania la nivel national si international necesita costuri pentru dezvoltare, intretinere si editare, ridicate la aproximativ 2000 de euro anual.

La acest moment platformele media pe domeniul inovativ  mai sus mentionate sunt pe primele pagini si locuri la cautari pe principalele motoare de cautare, Google si Yahoo cu cuvintele cheie, inventatori, inventii, brevete, patente, consultanta redactare inventii, asociatii inventatori, etc.

Ne-am inceput activitatea ca un grup de inventatori independenti colaborand la realizarea unor prime proiecte care s-au materializat prin inregistrarea unor inventii la OSIM si realizarea de prototipuri functionale.

Inventii inregistrate la OSIM:

Anti Diabet Stimulator – ADS, Generator de Frecvente Specificie Punctelor de Acupunctura,  Generator Electric cu Inductori Interactivi,  Generator Electric Polifazic cu Reluctanta Dublu Comutata, Generator Electric cu Materiale Piezoelectrice, Ceasul Antistres, Energizant Natural Transilvania, Gazeificator Sonic de Combustibil Derivat din Petrol, Amplificator de Camp Electromagnetic Antistres, Dispozitiv de Aerare a Tigarilor, Sistem de Transmisie Hidrodinamic, Electropunctor pentru Punctele de Acupunctura, Utilaj cu Dispozitiv Turbosuflant, Dispozitiv pentru Administrarea Ionilor Salini, Pantoful cu Talpa de Aur, Gratar Mobil Ecologic, etc.

Cu aceste prime realizari am participat la expozitii nationale si internationale, unde am obtinut aprecierile juriilor materializate prin Diplome de Excelenta si numeroase Medalii de Aur, Argint si Bronz, atasate in copie la dosar.

Prototipurile realizate au participat  intre 27 – 30 martie 2012 la cea de a X – a editie JUBILIARA a Salonul International al Cercetarii, Inovarii si Inventicii  « PRO INVENT »  ce s-a  desfasurat la Complexul « Expo – Transilvania » din Cluj – Napoca, Romania, unde a primit Diploma de excelenta si Medalia de AUR pentru « grup de inventii ».

Asociatia Inventatorilor  Independenti – AII – a primit invitatia de a participa cu portofoliul de Inventii si prototipuri la standul Romaniei in anul 2013 la Salonul FINEX 2013 , organizat sub egida I.F.I.A. (International Federation of Inventors Association) – Geneva.

Asociatia A.I.I.  a onorat invitatia si a informat Ministerul de Externe al Romanieiiar Excelenta sa Cristian Teodorescu, Ambasadorul Romaniei la Teheran a participat la deschiderea oficiala a standului care a reprezentat Romania cat si la dineul oficial impreuna cu delegatia Asociatiei A.I.I. , condusa de Presedintele IORDAN STAVAR.

Asociatia Inventatorilor Independenti – AII – este  representanta Romaniei la International Federation of Inventors Association – IFIA cu sediul la Geneva Elvetia, si a semnat un parteneriat de colaborare si sustinere bilaterala tehnico-stiintifica privind promovarea inventatorilor si inventiilor romanesti pe pietele internationale de inventica cu  Worldwide Independent Inventors Association – WIIA  – Washington D.C.,USA.

Acest acord STRATEGIC de colaborare si dezvoltare incheiat intre AII din Romania si WIIA din USA va facilita si  promova inventatorii si inventiile romanesti pe pietele din USA, Europa, si ASIA.Dorim sa subliniem ca la nivel international exista doi mari „giganti” pe domeniul inovativ, UIA USA care acopra intreg teritoriul al USA si IFIAunde sunt afiliate  72 de asociatii din 72 de tari, printre care si Romania, reprezentata de Asociatia Inventatorilor Independenti  din Romania.

In luna Decembrie 2016, Dl. IORDAN STAVAR, datorita activatatii pe inventica la nivel international a fost propus de catre domnul Deb  Hess, Director de Operatii si trezorier al The United Inventors Association of America – UIA, USA de a face parte din comitetul Director al UIA – USA Washington DC., atasam e-mail cu propunerea.  Anexa 14, filel(e 1,2,3)

Experienta si cunostintele acumulate in anii anteriori de activitate cat si bunele relatii si colaborari cu noi parteneri, inventatori de top, ne-au permis sa abordam doua mari PROIECTE de activitate, Medicina complementara si Energie:


Proiectul  „ANTI  DIABET STIMULATOR” (ADS) – a fost materializat prin redactarea si inregistrarea Inventiei cu acelasi titlu la O.S.I.M. si la U.S.P.T.O. – U.S.A. si realizarea a doua prototipuri functionale la care au participat inventatori de elita recunoscuti la nivel international ,

autori de carti de specialitate in domeniul medical, cat si specialisti in electronica si IT. ( Anexa 5 filele 1, 2, 3 )

Totodata, a fost elaborat si finalizat Manualul de Utilizare ” ANTI DIABET STIMULATOR ” si  Dosarul complet (aproximativ 300 pagini) a fost depus la OTDM-Ministerul Sanatatii ( Anexa 6  filele 1,2,3,4).

La finalizarea prototipurilor seriei zero realizate la S.C. ELPROF S.A. au fost trimise in vederea testelor tehnice la I.C.P.E. – Laborator de incercari pentru certificarea produselor electrice,  unde s-au intocmit 2 Rapoarte de incercari, unul de 16 pagini si unul cu 6 pagini.

Cele doua prototipuri „ANTI  DIABET STIMULATOR” (ADS) au trecut cu succes toate testele si s-au incadrat in conformitate cu SR EN  60601-1-2:2007 cap.6 . (Anexa 7, filele 1, 2)

Inventia tehnologica a dispozitivului  Anti Diabet Stimulator a fost conceputa pentru a veni in ajutorul celor peste 1.200.000 de pacienti inregistrati in Romania la Ministerul Sanatatii cu aceasta patologie, ea fiind de utilitate publica.

Metoda de stimulare cu ADS-ul este un adjuvant in tratamentul clasic al diabetului, acesta ajutand pancreasul sa produca mai multa insulina fara un alt gen de tratament suplimentar.

Tratamentul cu ADS efectuat in mod corect, face ca pancreasul sa elibereze mai multa insulina, imbunatateste glicemia si hemoglobina glicozilata, ajutand pacientul sa micsoreze dozele de medicamente pe perioada tratamentului si face ca diabetul sa nu mai evolueze spre forme  avansate de boala.

La acest Proiect Echipa de Inventatori/membri ai Asociatiei Inventatorilor Independenti – AII a fost compusa din 4 inventatori medaliati cu aur, argint si bronz la Expozitiile Nationale si Internationale, scriitori si specialisti in medicina, electronica si software:

– Manager de Proiect :

1 – IORDAN STAVAR – INVENTATOR – Anti Diabet Stimulator – ADS;

Realizarea seriei „zero” a Anti Diabet Stimulator (ADS), a fost materializata prin Contractul de parteneriat cu SC. ELPROF SA. (Companie Romaneasca specializata in producerea de echipamente si dispozitive medicale si tehnica militara).

Lotul seriei zero a fost testat tehnic si Certificat de catre SC. ELPROF SA si cele doua prototipuri au fost testate independent si de ICPE prin Laboratorul de Incercari pentru Certificarea Produselor Electrice  – ICPE – Institutul de Cercetari pentru Industria Electrotehnica.


Proiectul  „GENERATOR ELECTRIC CU RELUCTANTA COMUTATA” (GRLC) – a fost materializat prin redactarea si inregistrarea Inventiei cu acelasi titlu la O.S.I.M. si la U.S.P.T.O. – U.S.A. si realizarea a trei prototipuri functionale de 1.5kW; 5kW si 1.8kW la care au participat urmatorii inventatorii membrii AII: (Anexa 8 filele 1, 2, 3 )

– Manager de Proiect si Inventator – IORDAN STAVAR;

– Dir.Departament Tehnic si Inventator – Ing. Tudor Florin;

Realizarea prototipurilor functionale  a GRLC, a fost materializata prin Contractul de parteneriat cu SC. UMEB SA.. (Companie Romaneasca specializata in producerea de MOTOARE si GENERATOARE  ELECTRICE). (Anexa 9 filele 1 – 6)

Au mai participat din partea UMEB-ului la realizarea Proiectelor tehnologice de executie:

– Ing. Elena Garbacea;

– Dr. Ing. Epurean Catalina;

– Echipa tehnica de la platforma de probe al S.C.UMEB S.A.

Prototipurile Generatoarelor Electrice cu Reluctanta Comutata au fost testate functional pe platforma omologata a SC. UMEB SA. (Anexa 10  filele 1,2,3,4 )

In urma testelor efectuate s-au desprins urmatoarele concluzii:

Datorita caracteristicilor constructive realizeaza un randament supraunitar al conversiei energiei mecanice in energie electrica deorece, utilizeaza un comutator neutru de circuit magnetic intre inductori (generatorii de tensiune  magnetica) si indusi, prin comutatia traseului fluxului magnetic

statoric fara deplasarea relativa a acestora unul fata de altul; prezinta urmatoarele avantaje rezultate in urma analizei testelor efectuate:

  1. – Reducerea cuplului (cogging) de pornire (rupere) la valori de sub 0.5 Nm ceea ce inseamna ca practic se poate genera curent la cea mai slaba adiere de vant (la sub 2 m/s);

b.- Puterea electrica generata creste exponential  cu  turatia, caracterisica crescand raportul   putere electrica generata / gabarit;

c.- cuplul de antrenare (rezistent) la arbore are o evolutie Gaussiana in raport cu cresterea sarcinii electrice si este mai mic pentru aceeasi putere electrica debitata, in comparatie cu celelalte generatoare sincrone cu excitatie prin magneti permanenti;  In scurt si in gol prezinta  valori minime;

d.-  generatorul se autoprotejaza la suprasarcina si scurt datorita caracteristicii elastice de curent;

– incarcarea bateriilor de  acumulatori din  sistemele REGENERABILE  autonome in orice configuratie de tensiuni (pana la 90% din U0) fara dispozitive suplimentare de limitare si adaptare;

– Turbine eoliene cu ax vertical sau orizontal sau Hidroturbine – fara necesitatea utilizarii de reductoare sau multiplicatoare de turatii;

– grupuri electrogene in tehnologie „cu invertor digital” stationare sau mobile;


Asociatia Inventatorilor  Independenti – AII a initiat si demarat PROIECTUL PROMOVAREA MARILOR INVENTATORI ROMANI despre care a informat Primaria Municipiului Bucuresti, Primaria Municipiului Timisoara, Secretariatul General al Guvernului, Presedintia Romaniei. ( Anexa 11 – corespondenta cu institutiile mentionate, filele 1 – 28 ).

Proiectul se afla in derulare,  este deosebit de apreciat pentru importanta lui si se afla in atentia institutiilor mai sus mentionate .

Acest proiect privat intergrat are doua componente:

   A.- RESURSE UMANE – implementarea in institutii de invatamant despre istoria inventicii romanesti printr-o prima etapa pilot care se deruleaza in cadrul unuiparteneriat intre doua asociatii nonguvernamentale ASOCIATIA INVENTATORILOR INDEPENDENTI – AII – BUCURESTI si KINDERLAND CLUJ NAPOCA.

(Anexa 12, filele 1 – 5 ).

Acest proiect poate fi implementat in unitatile de invatamant prescolar si scolar care va contribui la formarea copiilor ca viitori exploratori si cercetatori in diverse domenii de activitate.

  1.   – INFRASTRUCTURA – in parteneriat cu administratiile publice locale din orasele reprezentative ale tarii ,incepand cu Bucuresti in vederea amplasarii a unor statui cu marii inventatori romani care au contribuit la bunastarea umanitatii si sunt o mandrie pentru ROMANIA.

Asociatia Inventatorilor  Independenti – AII isi propune:

– protejarea drepturilor inventatorilor si a drepturilor de proprietate intelectuala;

– sa contribuie la sporirea nivelului calitativ al potentialului intelectual si cognitiv al cetatenilor;

– realizarea si editarea de carti, publicatii periodice, pliante, afise, brosuri ;

– sa contribuie la implementarea, realizarea si coordonarea diferitelor proiecte la nivel local sau national in vederea dezvoltarii potentialului social ,economic si uman al Romaniei.

– sa sa colaboreze cu comisiile de specialitate din parlament si guvern pentru adoptarea de masuri legislative necesare dezvoltarii domeniului inovatiei si inventicii din Romania.

– continuarea activitatilor curente,proiectele 1,2,3 mai sus prezentate;

– inregistrarea de noi tehnologii,

– realizarea de prototipuri profesionale,

– producerea si comercializarea lor pe piata nationala si internationala fapt ce conduce la crearea unor noi locuri de munca pe toate ramurile de activitate, productie, desfacere si comercializare;

– monetizarea portofoliului de tehnologii existent la nivel national si international in colaborare cu partenerii nostri externi.

-desfasurarea de programe educationale la nivel national care sa explice mai pe larg demararea si dezvoltarea procesele inovative prin implementarea celor mai noi strategii care se aplica la nivel international

– participarea in cadrul unor parteneriate la dezvoltarea diferitelor proiecte inovative prin creerea de noi tehnologi.

– continuarea reprezentarii Romaniei la expozitii si targuri de profil pe plan international in colaborare cu IFIA  (Federatia Internationala a Asociatiilor de Inventatori cu sediul in Geneva, Elvetia) si cu sprijinul partenerului nostru Worldwide Independent Inventors / Association – WIIA – Washington D.C.-USA, in baza invitatiilor primite si pe care le atasam la prezentul raport. (Anexa 13, filele 1 – 13).

Asociatia Inventatorilor Independenti – AII a reprezentat Romania la Congresul Mondial din Istanbul, Turcia, 03-06,2016 al IFIA – International Federation of Inventors Association – Geneva – Elvetia.

Congresul Mondial al IFIA 03-06, 2016 Istanbul, Turcia – International Federation of Inventors Association
ISIF’16- Istanbul Turkey – 03-06 2016 :

Prezentare IFIA, AII, WIIA – YOU TUBE:



  Asociatia Inventatorilor Independenti – AII – Romania

  Presedinte Fondator: IORDAN STAVAR

– 11 Medalii la Salonul Cercetarii al ANCS – INVENTIKA /06-09.11.2010;

–  1 Medalie la Moscova;

–  1 Medalie de Aur la Salonul International de Inventica – PRO INVENT – CLUJ -27-30.03.2012 pentru GRUP DE INVENTII

–  1 Medalie si Diploma – Inventia Stimulator Anti – Diabetic – Salonul International de Inventii si Inovatiii – FINEX 2013, 04 – 07 februarie, Teheran, Iran, Fundatia Nationala a Inventatorilor de Elita – Iran si IFIA.

– 1 Medalie de Aur si Diploma la Salonul International de Inventica Bulgaria, Sofia – 2015  


WORLD CONGRESS of IFIA – International Federation of Inventors Association ISIF’16:

President/CEO IORDAN STAVAR of Worldwide Independent Inventors Association, Washington D.C.,USA & Association of Independent Inventors AII give a Diploma for ” Excellence in disseminating the culture of invention and innovation” – Mr. Alireza RASTEGAR – President of IFIA – International Federation of Inventors Association – ISTANBUL – International Inventions Fair – ISIF ‘ 16 – 03-06 March 2016

WORLD CONGRESS of IFIA – International Federation of Inventors Association ISIF’16:

President/CEO IORDAN STAVAR of Worldwide Independent Inventors Association, Washington D.C.,USA & Association of Independent Inventors AII give a Diploma for ” Excellence in disseminating the culture of invention and innovation” – Mr. Alireza RASTEGAR – President of IFIA – International Federation of Inventors Association – ISTANBUL – International Inventions Fair – ISIF ‘ 16 – 03-06 March 2016

WORLD CONGRESS of IFIA – International Federation of Inventors Association ISIF’16:

President/CEO IORDAN STAVAR of Worldwide Independent Inventors Association, Washington D.C.,USA give a Diploma for ” E X C E L E N C E I N  I N V E N T I O N  E X H I B I T I O N ” – Mr. Koray SAHIN – Pr e s i d e n t – ISTANBUL – International Inventions Fair – ISIF ‘ 16 – 03-06 March 2016

IORDAN STAVARsi EMIL STANCIUautorDictionar al inventatorilor romani contemporani vol 1-3.



discutii colegiale cu tematica inovarea romaneasca incotro?


Nicolae Idu – Seful reprezentatei comisiei Europene, Iordan Stavar – Presedinte AII,
Gabor Varga – Director General OSIM

Prof.Dr.Ionel Haiduc, Presedintele Academiei Romane si Iordan Stavar Presedinte AII

Gabriela Canureci, Laura Olteanu, Director General OSIM Gabor Varga, Iordan Stavar

INVENTATORII INDEPENDENTI – Tudor Florin, Iordan Stavar si Alexandru Mironov


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