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Diabetic stimulator is an electronic device that works on the principle of acupuncture. Basically the device is a mini-generator of low value and low amplitude electromagnetic signals called subliminal anti-diabetes signals.

Artificial signals with precise values are transmitted via acupuncture points through conductors and electrodes in direct contact with skin. Thus, very weak electrical stimuli, set below a certain threshold of just a few milivolts, get to pass along the energy axis of the body, close to cell membranes of the patients pancreas, through acupuncture points. This signals are stimulating the pancreas to produce enough insulin to metabolize blood sugar.

PRINCIPLE: At rest, the pancreas cell membrane is less permeable to Na ions maintained in high concentration outside and permeable to K + ions that are leaving the cell passively. Stimulus appearance causes a local depolarization of the membrane, leading to the opening of sodium channels (electrical control) and, consequently, the penetration of Na ions in the cell in the sense of the electro-chemical gradient. As a result of the influx of positive charges the pancreas membrane depolarizes more. Active transport and  flow of K + ions introduce a negative reaction, tending to restore equilibrium. Because of this difference in currents, as long as the stimulator is on, a continuous electrical current is born in the human body which will connect via conductive elements between ANTI – DIABETES STIMULATOR and body.

The device currents have depolarizing values that are transmitted from the acupuncture points in the body, forcing it to benefit from these values for as long as the coupling lasts. Daily repetition of this process does so that after a certain number of day-night cycles, the sick pancreas alters its function and achieves a so-called „energy balance” to produce enough insulin to metabolize blood sugar.


After tests conducted on patients with type 1 and 2 diabetes, medical experts said that following treatment with  ADS have been obtained „the most effective results in the last 5 years in improving patients symptoms”.

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We can provide the following services Integrated:

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– Research novelty and patentability national and international

– Consulting for projects patents in almost all fields of technology, Electronics and Telecommunications, Energy, Medical sciences, medical devices, chemical process, food, beverage, beauty and care personal, creative toys and games, etc.. ;

– Recording and monitoring patent applications for International- USA, Europe, Asia

– Writing technical documentation and drawings of the patent application.

And more inventions….for sale or J.V. for investors.

LinkedIn recomandation for IORDAN STAVAR   -President/CEO of WIIA & AII-

” Mister Iordan STAVAR is a great entrepreneur dedicated to improve the health of people diseased from pathologies like diabetes. He’s inventions are surely contributing in many ways to health of many human, as he always seeks to solve difficulties of others, and does continue in doing his daily researching with utmost inventive creative academic ways until reaching what started as a simple idea becomes reality.

He is a good listener and though the language barrier he does speak well out what is important to get a dialogue with any entrepreneur seeking to bring inventive new ideas in our fast changing world wherein we have plenty of competition and challenges.

Myself and the A.S.A. + A.R.C. did recently sign proudly a joint-venture, and are proud to appoint Mister Iordan STAVAR as our (agent – partner) and Director for Romania, and also other geographical areas; for a together work in lowering the diabetes, helping the patients with the diabetes monitor he has developed, and also various ways for health, humanitarian, development, and wherein he is best; being the inventor and creative independence development with the accurate patent protections etc…

My highest and kind recommendation for Iordan STAVAR, to anyone seeking to contact him. as he is a very kind person with great skills and moral high ethicals.”

H.E. Lord Géry Maes / van de Vorst
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Dr Health Science BVU U.S. 2012

 „We are like shooting stars, shine a few seconds and disappears into nothingness cosmic fall, useful happens sometimes this to you, Man” – Iordan Stavar.



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